Soap Party To Go!

Thanks for purchasing a Soap Party To Go! We wanted to let you know a few things before you get to work! This activity should take about 30 minutes to complete. The soap supplies in your kit are made by Primal Elements. If you have shopped in our store before you are probably familiar with their soap. If not, check them out HERE. The soap has been pre-scented (Primal Elements Winterfall) so no need to add your own. Adult supervision is suggested for this activity. The soap can get hot so please be safe. Finally, if you are feeling EXTRA creative today, check out our Tips & Tricks section out at the bottom of this page. Have fun!

What's What. Get Your Supplies Ready To Go!


Follow These Steps To Make Your Soap!

STEP 1: Melt The Glycerin
Take the clear chunks of glycerin out of the plastic baggies, and put into a pot to melt. Use the medium setting on the burner. Be sure to stir frequently (we recommend using a spatula) at the beginning so you don’t burn the soap. Make sure the soap NEVER BOILS, or this will make the soap cloudy and bubbly. It will take about 5-8 minutes to melt down completely. Once melted, turn your burner setting to low until you're ready to pour the glycerin into your clam shells. 
STEP 2: Create Your Design
This can be happening while the glycerin is melting or while the glycerin remains on low in your pot. Remove the soap shreds and shapes from the plastic bags and spread out on a plate or your table. Now it's time to create! Pretend the rectangle of your clam shell is a picture frame. Shapes should stand up, not laid down horizontally. The shapes have been pre-cut to the correct depth of the clam shells. These shapes can be cut if wanted, but if so the shape will not continue throughout the entire bar of soap. We recommend filling up your plastic clam shell about half-way full with shapes and colored shred. Otherwise, if it is packed in the liquid glycerin will not make a solid bar of soap when poured over the shapes. Give the design some room to "breath." Once you have finalized your design now you’re ready for the liquid glycerin.
STEP 3: Pour Liquid Over Your Design
When your design is done, now you’re ready for the liquid glycerin. Fill a dixie cup about ½ way with the liquid soap. Then take the stir stick and stir the dixie cup of liquid glycerin. Wait for a light film to form around the rim of the cup and the stir stick. You will feel the glycerin slightly thicken. This takes about 3-5 minutes. This will let the glycerin cool down so it does not melt the shapes. (Don't worry if you wait too long  and your soap thickens, just re-melt it.) Pour the liquid slowly and evenly into your clam shell filled with shapes. This helps to avoid air pockets and bubbles. Be careful not to overfill!
STEP 4: Let It Cool
After you have poured in the liquid glycerin, close the clam shell and leave flat. The soap needs to set for at least 10 minutes before moving or transporting it. Please wait 12 hours before popping it out of the clamshell. If after 12 hours you have trouble removing it from the clamshell, pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes. That should make it easier to remove.
*Add glitter to the liquid glycerin for a little fun!
*Cut up the shapes you get to build new shapes!
*Want to add color to the glycerin? Take a little bit of the colored shred and add it to your glycerin while it is melting to change the color. STIR! STIR! STIR!
*If you need to cut the soap, use knife or pastry cutter with a non-serrated edge.
*If there are extra shapes, these are good to use as mini soaps! 

We hope you had fun!

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